FIBR Group

The vision of the FIBR Group is to establish and integrate a full-service digitally based SME platform for European and UK clients built around FIBR Bank and backed by two operational fintechs providing SME accounts and administration services and credit origination and underwriting.

FIBR Bank (presently Amsterdam Trade Bank) is the Banking as a Service (BaaS) platform, providing banking services such as credit facilities and retail deposits based on a cloud-based open-API-enabled banking system, while its initial model is focused on credit as a service offering. FIBR Tech Ltd serves as a credit technology developer and credit origination arm in the UK, bringing in the speed and agility of a fintech while being financed by the bank, and also playing the role of a technology hub for the FIBR Group development. Finally, Absolutely No Nonsense Admin Ltd provides banking transaction services to SMEs while adding administrative functionality, such as invoice and tax management tools.