Alfa-Bank (Russia)

Founded in 1990, Alfa-Bank is a full-service bank operating in most sectors of the financial market, including retail and corporate lending, investment banking, leasing, factoring and trade finance. It is the No. 5 bank in Russia and the largest private bank in terms of total assets, total equity, deposit and loan portfolios.

Alfa-Bank is the most phygital bank in present-day Russia, boasting a combination of the best digital and physical customer experience. Over the past year, the number of Alfa-Bank’s clients has increased by a million. Alfa-Bank has the best banking application in Russia (according to Markswebb banking application rating), which is regularly used by 80% of its customers. In addition, Alfa-Bank’s mobile application ranks highest amongst the world’s banks in AppStore. Alfa-Bank’s card issued in the mobile application within seconds is ready for instant use. If needed, a courier will deliver the physical card within 24 hours (although 15% of clients do not use physical cards at all, and instead pay by their smartphones). About 15 years ago, we were the first in the country to launch internet and mobile banks, and now we are the first to build the phygital branch, a next-generation physical network. We are creating the best bank in the country, which is ahead of its time and sets financial industry development trends.

Alfa-Bank’s values are best customer service, technological leadership, and best employees.

Throughout 30 years of its history, Alfa-Bank has been one of the most technologically advanced banks on the Russian financial market. Technological leadership has been one of the bank’s strategic advantages and remains its distinguishing feature. Today, 80% of Alfa-Bank’s active customers are active users of digital channels — mobile banking and internet banking.

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