Ten seconds to card: Alfa-Bank services rolled out in popular messengers

Alfa-Bank has started serving its clients in popular messengers such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber and Facebook Messenger. It takes ten seconds to click a link, access the Alfa-Message channel on a messenger, and receive a virtual card. Alfa-Message can be used to transfer money using a card or phone number, to receive money by QR code, to pay for purchases from offline and online stores, to apply for a loan, to register as a self-employed person, or to start a company. All that can be done quickly and without downloading mobile applications. A topped-up virtual card can be given to a friend as a gift by merely sending the relevant link.

“We expect more efficient client capture by launching this technology. In the short run, we are going to integrate the messengers in a wide range of our business processes; in particular, convenient messengers will be used for cross-selling, closing deals and to inform clients of their pre-approved offers,” Alfa-Bank Digital Business Director, Executive Board member Ivan Pyatkov said.

One does not have to visit a bank office, meet with a courier, or sign any papers in order to start using a card with a basic limit. Just push the “start” button in Alfa-Message. If you link a new card to Apple Pay or Google Pay and top it up, you may start using it immediately in settlements with offline and online stores. There will also be cash-back if the virtual card is supplemented with a plastic one.

Alfa-Message is now available on TelegramWhatsAppFacebook Messenger and Viber. Alfa-Message is currently available to clients with Russian phone numbers.

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