Alfa-Bank starts earning extra money by using AI technologies for analysing phone calls with its customers

Alfa-Bank has implemented an intelligent voice analysis system. From now on, every conversation between call centre operators and customers will be automatically analysed by means of AI technologies. This allows the bank to promptly determine the subject of a call, to assess customer satisfaction, and to improve the service.

“The pilot voice analysis project fulfilled in 2019 exceeded our boldest expectations. The system has already earned 30 million rubles for the bank through a sales growth, optimisation of service processes, and a lesser outflow of customers, and we are expecting extra revenue of over 200 million rubles in 2020,” Ivan Pyatkov, Alfa-Bank’s Digital Business Director and Member of the Executive Board, said.

The new system precisely determines which actions and words of an operator trigger a negative customer reaction or, vice versa, help a customer. Updated recommendations for interaction with customers reach operators within less than a day. Thanks to these recommendations, Alfa-Bank’s call centre has boosted sales by 9.3% in the retail sector and by 12.4% in the SME sector. Based on the voice analysis system results, the bank specialists are upgrading Alfa-Bank’s intelligent voice assistant, through which communication with a customer begins. The assistant becomes more intelligible and offers more useful answers to customer questions.

The voice analysis system will be augmented with voice biometrics as early as in summer 2020, and the bank will start identifying its customers by voice. As a result, the security of account transactions will be bolstered, and more services will be available to customers remotely, without a visit to a bank office.

Alfa-Bank is the biggest private universal bank in Russia. It has been a leader in every segment of the banking business for the past 30 years. The bank’s active clientele is comprised of 550,000 corporate customers and 16 million retail customers.

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