ABH Holdings S.A. asserts its legal stance amidst arbitration proceedings with the Ukrainian Government

ABH Holdings S.A. (ABHH) hereby reiterates its position regarding the ongoing arbitration proceedings against Ukraine. As previously communicated, ABHH filed a request for arbitration and a statement of claim seeking full compensation, in excess of $1 billion, for the unlawful expropriation of Sense Bank by the Ukrainian authorities.

In a recent and positive development, we acknowledge the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice’s response to our request. Their expressed willingness to cooperate in forming the arbitral tribunal and advancing the case is a hopeful sign of their adherence to the international rule of law.

However, amidst these legal proceedings, ABHH has become aware of press reports suggesting a potential privatization and transfer of Sense Bank to a third-party investor. We would view any such transfer as a sale of stolen property.

ABHH unequivocally warns potential buyers or recipients of Sense Bank or its assets that we intend to bring the full weight of the law against any such parties, treating them as purchasers of stolen goods. Legal actions will be pursued in any appropriate jurisdiction.



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