As a multinational banking group, we want to be transparent to our broad range of stakeholders.

Our best-in-class compliance programme across all our businesses is designed with the main purpose of preserving and strengthening shareholder confidence, providing a solid foundation for a high-performing organisation and ensuring strict conformance with the spirit, as well as the letter, of applicable legislation and regulation. We focus strongly on attracting and retaining the best talent on the market to make sure that our compliance teams in our multiple jurisdictions are well placed to respond to the numerous challenges and emerging trends of a rapidly changing regulatory environment.

We are committed to the highest international standards of corporate governance and have put in place structures that meet all relevant national and European laws and regulations, and ensure balancing the interests of our shareholders, board members and members of executive bodies of the Group's banks, as well as all other interested parties.

There are three principal layers of corporate governance bodies in our banking group:

General Meeting of Shareholders of ABH Holdings S.A.

Board of Directors of ABH Holdings S.A. along with its committees

Supervisory boards and boards of directors of individual banks

Please see our governance structure for more details