News 07 February 2020

Euromoney recognized A-Club as the best private banking service in Ukraine

February 07, 2020 - 12:30

The reputable international publication Euromoney has recognized A-Club from Alfa-Bank Ukraine as the #1 private banking service in Ukraine. The Bank receives this award for the fifth consecutive year, based on the results of the Private Banking and Wealth Management 2020 Annual Survey.

A-Club, a division of Alfa-Bank Ukraine specializing in private banking for wealthy clients, received the award as the best private banking service provider among Ukrainian financial institutions in the nomination Best Private Banking Services Overall. Euromoney also recognized A-Club leadership positions in servicing high-income clients:

  • Mega High Net Worth Clients nomination (>$250 mln capital) - first place,
  • Ultra High Net Worth Clients nomination (>$30 mln - $250 mln capital) - first place,
  • High Net Worth Clients nomination ($5 mln - $30 mln capital) – fourth place.

Along with that, the publication acknowledged achievements of A-Club team in serving business owners (nomination Serving Business Owners), as well as the introduction of innovative technologies (nomination Innovative or Emerging Technology Adoption).

Euromoney Magazine is a financial publication headquartered in London, has been published since 1969 and is considered one of the most reputable media on the financial market worldwide.


News 07 February 2020

Alfa-Bank Ukraine shareholder ABH Ukraine Limited successfully repaid the Eurobond issue for a total amount of USD 50 million

February 07, 2020 - 10:00

On February 2, 2020, ABH Ukraine Limited, a shareholder of JSC “Alfa‑Bank”, which owns 38.2% of the bank's shares, fully and timely repaid the USD 50 million Eurobond issue (ISIN XS1693017193). The issue maturity was 28 months. The issue coupon rate comprised 8.25% per annum with quarterly coupon payments.

The Eurobonds were issued pursuant to the rules specified by the Regulation "S" of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Full and timely repayment of the Eurobond issue became for investors an additional confirmation of the perfect business reputation of ABH Ukraine Limited.

Currently, 10 Eurobond issues of ABH Ukraine Limited remain at the market for the total amount of USD249m and EUR48m. ABH Ukraine Limited plans to continue attracting funds via Eurobond issuances.


News 25 November 2019

Alfa-Bank Ukraine became participant of the UN Global Compact

November 25, 2019 - 09:00

By joining the UN Global Network, Alfa-Bank Ukraine demonstrates its responsibility and transparency of its operations, conducting business in accordance with the fundamental values and principles of the UN Global Compact in the field of human rights, labor relations, the environment and the fight against corruption, and promoting the Sustainable Development Goals.

“We are pleased to welcome one of the major Ukrainian banks to join the UN Global Compact. We are confident that our fruitful cooperation will contribute to solving the global challenges that world is facing today,” – said Tatiana Sakharuk, Chairman of the Board of the UN Global Compact Local Network in Ukraine.

“The principles of the UN Global Compact are completely in line with our vision of a responsible company. Alfa-Bank Ukraine is already moving towards ensuring sustainable development of the society, and joining a reputable UN initiative is natural and significant step for us along this way,” – commented Viktoria Mikhalyo, Chairman of the Board of the Alfa-Bank Ukraine.

Being involved in the Global Compact will allow the bank to share experience with international and local companies and institutions to implement best practices in customer service, improve financial literacy of the population to improve its well-being, ensure decent working conditions and promote Ukraine's economic growth.

United Nations Global Compact with more than 9,500 companies and 3,000 non-business signatories based in over 160 countries, and 70 Local Networks, it is the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative.

The UN Global Compact Network in Ukraine is the official representative of the UN Global Compact network – a UN initiative that brings together UN and companies around the world, broadcasts the Sustainable Development Goals, and is a dialogue platform for business, investors, civil society, labor organizations, local authorities and the government.

Alfa-Bank Ukraine is a large Ukrainian bank with the international capital, being a part of the Luxembourg-based private investment holding company ABH Holdings S.A. According to the National Bank of Ukraine classification, Alfa-Bank Ukraine falls within the category of foreign banking groups, is a systemically important bank and is ranked among the top 10 financial institutions of the country in terms of assets. The Bank holds leading positions in all key segments of the banking market and is one of the most stable and reliable banks in Ukraine.


News 14 November 2019

ABH Ukraine Limited successfully completed the issue of new Eurobonds amounting to USD 50 mln

November 14, 2019 - 13:00

On November 12, 2019, ABH Ukraine Limited, the majority shareholder of JSC "ALFA-BANK", which owns 90.1% of the bank's shares, registered the new Eurobond issue (ISIN XS2078674467) for a total principal amount of USD 50 million, with maturity date April 15, 2023 and quarterly coupon payments at the interest rate 9% per annum.

The Eurobonds were issued pursuant to the rules specified by the Regulation "S" of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

This is the seventeenth Eurobond issue completed by ABH Ukraine Limited since the beginning of 2015, which proves the strong demand from investors in the financial instruments offered by the companies of the international investment holding ABH Holdings S.A. As of the publication date, there were 11 issues of ABH Ukraine Limited in circulation, including two issues in euro and nine issues in USD, six issues have been repaid.