News 04 March 2016

Acquisition of ZUNO from Raiffeisen Bank International AG will not be concluded

Press release

The acquisition of Raiffeisen Bank International’s (RBI) direct bank ZUNO BANK AG by the Alfa Banking Group, as announced in September 2015, will not be concluded.

The sale and purchase agreement was not completed before expiration of the long stop date as several condition precedents on both sides were not fulfilled.

The SPA was terminated by ABH Holdings S.A. on the 29th February 2016.

For further information please contact 
Pavel Nazariyan, Managing Director of ABH Holdings S.A.


Information on ABH Holdings S.A.

ABH Holdings S.A. is a privately owned Luxembourg-based conglomerate focused on utilizing its financial and intellectual resources, management and investment expertise to manage value-driven investments in the global banking sector. ABHH stands as the parent entity of the group of companies (collectively the Alfa Banking Group) that is involved in banking and financial services in the Russian Federation, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, and Belarus. ABHH’s subsidiaries collectively have the branch network consisting of 924 offices employing almost 30,000 people who serve over 14 million clients.


News 28 January 2016

Bloomberg ranks Alfa-Bank as the top bookrunner among Russian banks

Alfa-Bank has been ranked as the largest bookrunner among Russian banks and one of the largest among global players in the CIS in 2015.

The bank jumped up six positions in Bloomberg’s ranking, overtaking JP Morgan, Citi, Raiffeisen, BNP Paribas, and Sberbank CIB.

This achievement is partly a result of the five transactions the bank closed in the region for syndicated lending to borrowers. The total amount of the transactions exceeded USD 500m.

Alfa-Bank’s market share also grew by 5% in 2015.

Alexey Chirkizyanov, Alfa-Bank’s Debt Capital Branch Director, said: “In 2015, Alfa-Bank increased its share of the syndicated lending market thanks to the team’s expertise and effective interaction with the market makers and key clients.”




News 12 January 2016

ABH Holdings S.A. signed binding agreement to acquire Ukrsotsbank from UniCredit Group

Press release

ABH Holdings S.A. (ABHH) and UniCredit Group (UCG) announced today that they have signed an agreement for the transfer of 99.8% of PJSC Ukrsotsbank (USB), UCG's bank in Ukraine, in exchange for a 9.9% minority stake in ABHH.

After Closing, UCG, the global Italian banking group, will become a minority shareholder in ABHH, a Luxembourg-based investment holding company of the Alfa Banking Group.

ABHH's Chairman Petr Aven commented that:

"This transaction is both tactical and strategic. It makes ABHH, a Luxembourg-based investment holding company, an unrivalled player in the Ukrainian market and makes UCG, the global Italian banking group, a shareholder in ABHH. 

We welcome UniCredit as a partner and look forward to utilizing their vast European experience – across 17 countries and technological know-how – to support ABHH's international growth.

This transaction enables ABHH to create a leading retail and wholesale banking player in Ukraine with an unparalleled platform for growth and development". 

The transaction structure envisages UCG to contribute its exposure in USB to ABHH in exchange for newly issued shares representing 9.9% stake of ABHH post transaction. UCG will appoint one Board member of ABHH and will have customary protection rights, including the possibility to cause an IPO of ABHH or to sell its stake to ABHH on the 5th anniversary after the Closing.

As the next step, the parties will be seeking the necessary regulatory approvals. The closing of the transaction is expected to happen in 2016.


Information on ABH Holdings S.A.

ABH Holdings S.A. is a Luxembourg-based investment holding company of the Alfa Banking Group investing into several banking activities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Netherlands. ABHH’s subsidiaries offer a wide range of products and operate in all sectors of the financial market, including interbank, corporate and retail lending, deposits, payment and account services.

ABHH’s subsidiaries have almost 30,500 full-time employees, serve over 14 million customers, while the branch network counts 924 offices. As of December 2015, the total consolidated assets of ABHH amounted over US $36.9 bln, while the consolidated shareholders’ equity was approx. $4.5 bln (IFRS).


News 25 November 2015

Alfa-Bank (Ukraine) ranked in top 10 of deposits reliability rating

The Ukrainian credit rating agency ranked Alfa-Bank (Ukraine) in 8th place out of 32 banks.

The Ukrainian credit rating agency (UCRA) has provided updated data on the deposits reliability rating for each of the 32 banks based on the reporting for 9 months 2015.

Alfa-Bank (Ukraine) received a B rating, which means high reliability and insignificant sensitivity of the bank to adverse external factors.

Only 9 Ukrainian financial institutions have this rating.