News 28 September 2020

ABH Ukraine Limited registered five Eurobond issues

September 28, 2020 - 10:30

On 22 September 2020, ABH Ukraine Limited, a shareholder of Alfa-Bank Ukraine, which owns 42.4% of the bank's shares, completed five new Eurobond issues.

Two issues are in the form of loan participation notes (LPN) for USD 50 mln with the maturity date October 15, 2024 (ISIN XS2228241175, 4 year tenor) at the interest rate 9.5% per annum and for EUR 50 mln with the maturity date July 15, 2023 (ISIN XS2228240367, up to 3 year tenor) at the interest rate 5.5% per annum, and three issues are in the form of credit-linked notes (CLN) for USD 4.5 mln (ISIN XS2237331587) and two for USD 9 mln (ISINs XS2237331660, XS2237331314) with the common maturity date January 15, 2023 (up to 2.5 year tenor) at the interest rate 8.75% per annum paid quarterly for all the issues. The level of yields on the issues indicates the current situation on the international capital markets.

The Eurobonds were issued pursuant to the rules specified by the Regulation "S" of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The LPN issues are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

As of the publication date, there were 16 issues of ABH Ukraine Limited in circulation, including 13 issues in USD and three issues in euro, 7 issues have been repaid.


News 16 September 2020

Global Finance: Alfa-Bank is the best digital bank in Belarus

September 16, 2020 - 17:43

Alfa-Bank (Belarus) was recognized as the winner in two categories: Best Digital Consumer Bank in Belarus and Best Digital Corporate Bank in Belarus.

Global Finance magazine has been published since 1987, and its print version is distributed in 163 countries around the world. The candidates for the World’s Best Digital Banks award are evaluated by a jury composed of the staff of Infosys, a consulting, technology and outsourcing corporation, while Global Finance editors designate the final list of the best banks.

The winners were selected based on a whole list of criteria: effectiveness of the strategy of attracting and servicing digital clients, success in encouraging clients to use digital services, growth in the number of digital clients, products variety, as well as noticeable benefit from digital initiatives and projects.

In 2020, the digitalisation is particularly relevant due to the pandemic, and Global Finance publisher and editorial director Joseph D. Giarraputo also noted: “This year, the global pandemic has accelerated the transition to digital banking, but banks that are thinking ahead are already on this path. The Digital Bank Awards are dedicated to the companies that are leading us to the banking of the future”.


News 16 July 2020

Euromoney: Alfa-Bank awarded the Best Bank in Belarus and recognized for its response to the pandemic

July 16, 2020 - 09:39

For the second year in a row, the jury chose Alfa-Bank (Belarus) as the best bank in Belarus, and this year they also noted its response to Covid-19 crisis.

The British magazine Euromoney has been awarding banks around the world in various nominations since 1992. In the framework of the Euromoney Awards for Excellence, banks are evaluated by region. The expert jury chooses several best banks, and their choice is conditioned by many criteria: from annual reports and partners’ opinions to evaluation of transactions and balances. In addition, the jury selects best banks in every single country. And Belarus is not an exception.

The first Alfa-Bank's award was the Best Bank in Belarus. In this nomination, the jury evaluated the bank's business model, its innovativeness and ability to adapt, and its readiness to meet customers needs. Experts gave the award to Alfa-Bank for its “Outstanding Growth and Commitment to Digital Transformation”, and they particularly highlighted the country's first banking OpenAPI and a possibility for entrepreneurs to open a bank account via a mobile application.

In 2019, Euromoney also chose Alfa-Bank as the best bank in Belarus, and that time they noted its rapid growth in the mobile sector.

The second award was the Excellence in Leadership Award, for the Bank's response to Covid-19 crisis. The jury appreciated the simple loan deferral system with a possibility to conduct the entire process online. Experts also noted that entrepreneurs could open an account without leaving home, as well as receive their documents by the contactless delivery service.

Due to the coronavirus crisis, the Bank suspended its Clients Club (Alfa-Bank's business client community) and launched the Mutual Aid Platform (open to everyone), where entrepreneurs could share with each other unused resources, like idle equipment.

And a few words about charity. In Belarus, over 15,000 social workers and the Red Cross sisters of mercy take care of more than 92,000 elderly people every day, visiting them at home during the pandemic. Alfa-Bank (Belarus) has been supporting fundraising for related individual protection products.


News 25 June 2020

ABH Ukraine Limited has increased its shareholding in JSC Alfa-Bank

June 25, 2020 - 17:30

On June 25, 2020, Alfa-Bank’s shareholding structure was changed - ABH Ukraine Limited (ABHU, Cyprus) increased its shareholding in the Bank through the repurchase of the stake from MSP Stiftung (Liechtenstein). 

As a result of the transaction, ABHU's equity stake in the bank increased up to 42.3994%.

The transaction also led to minor changes in the ultimate ownership structure of JSC Alfa-Bank. Actually, the ultimate substantial shareholders of JSC Alfa-Bank are as follows: Mikhail Fridman – 32.8632%, German Khan – 20.9659%, Alexey Kuzmichev – 16.3239%, and Petr Aven – 12.4018%.

The transaction was carried out in full accordance with the legislative and regulatory requirements of Ukraine.