We are a privately owned multinational banking group offering a wide range of banking and financial services, including corporate and retail lending, foreign exchange operations and investment banking. We aim to be the financial institution of choice in every country in which we operate, by creating and customising financial solutions in response to our clients’ needs, continuously expanding our scope of reach and serving our customers with honesty and integrity.

Based in Luxembourg, we focus on European economies including emerging markets. We operate in the Russian Federation, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Cyprus and Belarus. As of December 2020, our total assets were valued at USD 73 billion.

Our strategic priorities 

  • Achieve market leadership
  • Accelerate profitability
  • Acquire strategic partners
  • Attract top talent
44.3 k




28 m



Our values govern the way we work and help us achieve our strategic priorities. 

  • Customer focused – create and repeat positive customer experiences
  • Responsible decision-making – be accountable and act ethically to ensure we protect our reputation
  • Teamwork – unite our efforts to achieve goals
  • Avoid bureaucracy – remove unnecessary layers in decision-making

Competitive advantage

Our ability to grow and develop is based on three key competitive advantages:
Senior management expertise

Our management team are very hands-on and have an impressive range of international banking and business experience, which has been one of our most valuable assets in growing the business.

Technical platform innovation

We are uniquely positioned through the timely implementation of advanced banking technology. We have invested in a state-of-the-art banking platform which is used across all ABHH banks. This technology helps our banks provide the best services to their clients, which has been recognised by numerous awards.

Talent development

We view our employees as a strategic asset, and run a continuous in-company professional development programme, rotating talent and sharing best practices across ABHH's banks.

Alfa-Bank (Russia) has won multiple awards, being on the list of the World’s Best Banks 2021 by Forbes and named Best Bank in Russia by Global Finance (2021) and by Euromoney (2021), was recognised as the most efficient Russian bank by The Banker (2021) and one of the top five best largest employers in Russia by HeadHunter (2021). Alfa-Bank (Russia) also received two Spear's Russia Wealth Management Awards as The Most Dynamically Developing Private Bank in Russia and The Best Investment Advisor of the Year (2021), and according to the Digital Leaders Awards became the winner in Transformation of the Year and Technology of the Year nominations (2021), while its A-Club was named Best Private Banking Division in Russia by Euromoney (2021). The bank was recognised as Best Private Digital Bank for Large Businesses by Markswebb (2020), Bank of the Year in Russia by The Banker (2019), CEE's Best Bank for SMEs by Euromoney (2019), Best Trade Finance Provider in Russia and Best Mortgage Bank in Central and Eastern Europe by Global Finance (2019), Best Retail Bank by Retail Finance Awards (2019) and was also awarded Best Daily Banking Award in Private Banking by Frank Research Group (2019).

Alfa-Bank (Belarus) was named Best Bank in Belarus by Euromoney (2021), awarded Bank of the Year in Belarus by The Banker (2021), recognised as Best Digital Bank for Consumers and Best Digital Bank for Corporate Clients in Belarus by Global Finance (2021), received an award at The Innovators: Outstanding Innovations in Mobile by Global Finance (2021) and its Alfa Business Online was ranked No. 1 in internet banking for SMEs in Belarus by SME Banking Club (2021), while also recognised as Best Mobile Bank by Infobank.by (2020) and rated by Markswebb in Best Mobile Banking App for Retail Customers, ranking as No. 1 in Digital Office and No. 2 in Daily Banking (2019).

Alfa-Bank (Ukraine) was recognised as Best Bank in Ukraine and Best Digital Bank for Consumers in Ukraine by Global Finance (2021), Bank of the Year in Ukraine (2021) and Best Private Bank in Ukraine (2020) by The Banker, while its A-Club was recognised as Best Private Banking in Ukraine by Euromoney and the country's best private banking service for PE sector in Euromoney’s Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey (2021).

Alfa-Bank (Kazakhstan) was awarded Bank of the Year in Kazakhstan by The Banker (2021), named Best Digital Bank for Consumers in Kazakhstan by Global Finance (2021), included in the list of Top 20 Most Innovative Banks and Top 20 Best Mobile Banks for Business Clients in the CIS and Caucasus by SME Banking Club (2021), while its Alfa-Mobile application was ranked No. 1 in Daily Banking and No. 1 in Digital Office for retail clients, as well as No. 1 Mobile App for business clients by Markswebb (2021) and No. 1 Mobile App for SMEs by SME Banking Club (2021).