About us

We operate in retail, commercial, and investment banking and financial services across Europe and CIS

We are a privately owned multinational banking group offering a wide range of banking and financial services, including corporate and retail lending, foreign exchange operations and investment banking.

Based in Luxembourg, we focus on European economies including emerging markets. We operate in the Russian Federation, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, and Belarus. As of December 2018, our total assets were valued at USD 52bn.

"Our mission is to be a reliable and competent partner supporting our customers by providing effective financial solutions in all markets and countries of operation."

Petr Aven Chairman

Our strategy

Our strategy is to grow our company and maximize shareholder value by developing banking and financial services, and increasing their profitability by utilizing ABHH's key competitive advantages in line with our values and principles.



Our values govern the way we work and help us achieve our strategic priorities.  

  • Customer focused – operate to create and repeat positive customer experiences
  • Responsible decision making – be accountable and act ethically to ensure we protect our reputation
  • Team work – unite our efforts to achieve goals
  • Avoid bureaucracy – remove unnecessary layers in decision making

Competitive advantage 

Our ability to grow and develop is based on three key competitive advantages:

Senior management expertise

Our management is very hands-on and has an impressive range of international banking and business experience, which has been one of our most valuable assets in growing the business.

Technical platform innovation

We are uniquely positioned through the timely implementation of advanced banking technology. We have invested in a state-of-the-art banking platform which is used across all ABHH banks. This technology helps our banks to provide the best services to their clients, which has been recognized by several awards as a result. 

Talent development

We view our employees as a strategic asset. We are continuously running an in-company professional development program, rotating talent and sharing best practices across ABHH's banks.



Our strategic priorities

  • Achieve market leadership
  • Accelerate profitability
  • Acquire strategic partners
  • Attract top talent


39,930 staff

operating in all sectors of finance and banking 

1,110 offices   

in 8 countries      

27m clients     

corporate & retail


We are proud to recognize that our banking and financial companies are strong performers in their sectors and regions.

Alfa-Bank (Russia) won multiple awards being Best Russian Bank of the Decade and Russia's Best Bank for Corporate Clients according to SPEAR'S (2018), received Global Service Quality Award from Visa (2018) and Frank Premium Banking Award from Frank Research Group (2018), was named Best Private Bank for Wealthy Clients by Forbes Russia (2018) and Bank of the Year by Banki.ru (2018), and was recognized as the largest bookrunner among Russian banks on the CIS market by Bloomberg (2015).

Alfa-Bank (Belarus) was awarded Bank of the Year 2018 in Belarus by The Banker (2018), and named Most Active Belarusian Bank in YouTube by Artox (2018).